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Our service believes everyone should be able to afford premium paint protection for any vehicle on the road. Ceramic coatings are affordable from Resurrection Mobile Auto Detailing Cleveland, Ohio.

Different levels of paint protection..Is Ceramic the best?


Currently, ceramic coating is the best exterior paint protection for your vehicle. For the ever changing Northeast Ohio climates, a ceramic coating is the hardest, most durable paint barrier, available for your automobile's finish. Durability, longevity, resiliency and maximum shine retention describes ceramic's paint performing attributes. Tree sap surface sticking, bird dropping's burn-in and acid rain's paint etching are examples of unpredictable environmental damage. Simple car wash soap and fresh water will remove these troublesome blemishes with ceramic paint protection. Moreover, ceramic paint protection in some cases may act as a

accidental scratch defense. In some accidental situations, not purposeful scratching, needs to be emphasized. Accidental contact with car keys, purses, briefcases, fingernails and bushes are some examples.


Are all ceramic coatings the same? What does Resurrection Auto Detailing utilize?


Ceramic coatings are all not created equal. Usually, the one-step ceramic coatings are those of less quality. These have an increased level of “solvency” indicating a quick easy on/off application. A two step ceramic coating indicates a higher quality of protection. The first step acts as a ceramic base. This base application adheres to the freshly “paint corrected” surface. The base application produces a brilliant shine and acts as a primer for the second step. The second step is the actual ceramic coating. This is the ceramic coating that assures durability, longevity, resiliency and maximum shine retention for your vehicle's paint surface. Our service utilizes Sonax, from Germany, as our choice for exceptional ceramic paint protection.

Ceramic Coating Preparation / Flashing / Paint Protection


The ceramic coating preparation begins with a comprehensive exterior washing. Secondly, a professional “paint correction” or rub-out is executed with a high/low speed machine buffing. Paint scratches, scuffs and blemishes are corrected and removed from your car's paint surface. On the car lot, even a new car may require a light paint correction. The exposure to the environmental elements is the problem. Thirdly, another exterior car wash removes any residue from the paint correction process. Lastly, the ceramic coating is applied with a base ceramic polish, and followed with the final ceramic coating. This final ceramic coating is applied by hand. Once applied in a small area, it “flashes” or hazes, then immediately removed within one minute, with a new microfiber towel.


Increased Protection-Multi Layer Ceramic Coating Application as Best Practice?


Multi-layering ceramic coating is the best practice. This application practice increases protection for your vehicle. For measurement purposes, one layer equals one year of protection. Three to four layers provides the confidence for Northeast Ohio unrelenting seasons.

 Our service discloses what ceramic pricing is. As an informed consumer, you may see so many ceramic product pricing levels it becomes confusing. And, auto detailing services have their pricing tiers. The labor in preparing the vehicle's paint surface, is an integral part of the ceramic cost equation. The size, color and condition of the car, also is a minor factor.


Now let's disclose the cost. Our Sonax brand cost is $79.95 for the product for one layer of ceramic protection. We invite you to watch our service performing the ceramic installation. We also invite you to see and count the ceramic layers applied. How many layers of ceramic protection you desire affects the cost. Two layers of Sonax protection is $159.90 is product cost before installation labor cost. Three layers of Sonax is $239.85 before installation cost. Our service believes in full disclosure and complete transparency. Concerning consumer price, this corrects any consumer confusion you may see on-line or within product literature. You as the consumer controls the costs of your vehicle's ceramic paint protection. Understanding the professional paint correction process and ceramic paint preparation affects the cost of service.


Our company's skill and knowledge assures your choice for our service. Our service believes everyone should be able to afford premium paint protection for any vehicle on the road. With Resurrection Mobile Auto Detailing, ceramic protection introduces a new confidence, in exterior car surface maintenance. Allow our service to provide the professional trust, the premium service and best product for you and your automobile!

This picture highlights the neglect, the abuse, and the total absence of exterior paint maintenance. With Outstanding results, Sonax Ceramic Coating fights our Northeast Ohio, extreme seasons.

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